Losing a Beloved Pet

January 06, 2015

Sept. 2011 to Jan. 2015

So many of us out there have lost a beloved pet whether we were expecting it to happen or not. The worst feeling is not knowing what is wrong until it is too late. I wish I would have known what was wrong with my girl before it was too late because I would have made sure everything was done to save her. Macie was one of the most loving dogs any family could have. She got along with everyone and absolutely loved my son to death. It sucks that she was so young when we lost her too, at only three years old. I know I will always miss her meeting me when I get home and her just cuddling up next to me no matter the occasion.

I will miss my girl so much but I will always have the great memories with her and I know she isn't sick anymore. No dog could ever replace you girl. Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing you will miss you so much.  

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