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May 11, 2017

Charity Gorman

I am a mother of two little boys and I have an amazing boyfriend that I have been with since 2009. I try to make sure I post the best material for my readers that they will enjoy. I love to blog about DIY projects, recipes, parenting, family adventures, product reviews, giveaways and much more. If you are interested in advertising with us or would like more information on product reviews and giveaways my stats and information is here. 

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Blog Stats                                                Social Media Stats
Each number is a monthly average                                                            Each number is a monthly average

Pageviews: 76                                                                                         Facebook Fans: 551

Unique Visitors: 24                                                                                     Twitter Followers: 1,417
Time on site: 00:00:49                                                                                Instagram Followers: 836
Percent of Returning Visitors: 17.2%                                                          Pinterest Followers: 398
Percent of New Sessions: 82.76%                                                               Google Plus Followers: 53
Demographics: 54.15% Men ages 18-64/45.85% Women ages 18-64

Updated: 02/15/2017

**Everything is updated monthly

Product Review Information

You can contact me anytime you have comments or questions directly. I do NOT do negative reviews, unless I have contacted the seller first, but my reviews will always be 100% whether I liked the product or not. I will NOT return items that I have reviewed. Products are kept by the reviewer as compensation for the review. I will ALWAYS have FTC posted with every review. Included in my review I will use my own pictures as well as any pictures provided by the seller and their website.

When reviewing products I would like to have a minimum of 4 weeks to be able to thoroughly try out the product. If you need a review done in less time there might be a fee depending on how soon you need it done. If you need a review done sooner contact me at so we can discuss everything further and work out an agreement.

Giveaway Information
Most giveaways will run for one week unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of the specific giveaway. If there are big items or multiple items the giveaway will normally run between 2 and 4 weeks. I DO NOT SHIP PRIZES TO THE WINNERS! That is up to the company/seller offering the giveaway, unless we discuss prior to the giveaway going live, then you will pay the shipping cost. If you would like a sweepstakes, contest, or giveaway to be promoted by us then a product or payment must be given in return.

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