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With the way the world is, it can be hard for adults to think for themselves, let alone our
children. Children should be developing their own independent way of thinking at a very
young age. Most public schools try to encourage it, however it can be difficult to
monitor, if at all. Homeschooling can create an environment that helps children process
their own way of independent thinking.

What is so great about homeschooling is it provides a great environment for children to
learn through projects and material that cater to their interest. Children can learn
through forming opinions about different subjects while taking care of the necessary
academics through eLearning. This allows our children to learn the academics they
need while developing life skills and complex ways of thinking.

Another benefit of homeschooling is eliminating the worry of your child getting forgotten
about in a large classroom. In most public schools, teachers are given a classroom of
twenty to thirty students. Although teachers may want to spend more one on one time
with students it can be nearly impossible at times, since there are specific lesson plans
they are given. These lesson plans follow a very specific curriculum and don’t always
adhere to every students needs. What makes everything worse, are the certain test
that force our children to memorize materials, instead of forming their own opinions.
With online homeschooling, our children can receive a plan that specifically focuses on
furthering their strengths and boosting their weaknesses. While there still is some
required testing, our children are able to focus their attention on discussing the subjects
that interest them while giving them plenty of time to form their own thoughts and

Unfortunately, all children come in contact with peer pressure, but being in public
schools can make it that much worse. Students feel they should think and believe
certain things to fit in with certain groups. Instead of developing their own thoughts,
students do what their peers tell them is right. Homeschooling allows the parent to help
their child develop their own self image. By using online education to help with
academics, it allows us parents to teach our children proper character formation. This
allows our children to learn to think for themselves before considering opinions of

Independent thinking is a skill that will always be important in life. Homeschooling helps
support this by allowing our children to think for themselves rather than let others make
decisions for them because they want to fit in.

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