Make Grilling Easier with the Grill Light from Cave Tools!!

May 05, 2016
**I received this product free of charge for an unbiased and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Here at my house we love to grill out but at night it can be very hard to see what is going on. Now that we have the amazing grill light from Cave Tools it makes it so much easier to see what is going on without having to hold a light or wear one on your head. 

When I first received the grill light I expected the light to be much heavier by the way it looked, but it wasn't. Although it wasn't very heavy, it is built very well and when you hook it up to your grill it is very sturdy. I was also very surprised that they included the screwdriver with the light to make sure you had a way to put the 3 AAA batteries in it. 

The light is very easy to install on your grill and it fits just about any type of grill out there. Once it is installed you can adjust it to make sure the light is just where you want it to be. Something else that made the light great was the "button" to turn the light on is actually the logo on the top of the light. There are three light settings and all you have to do is tap on the logo once, twice, or three times depending on how bright you want the light to be, and it does get pretty bright. 

As always I would recommend any product from Cave Tools. They put pride into their products and always want to make sure they are extremely durable through water and heat. And with every product they have, there is a lifetime guarantee.

You can purchase the grill light from Cave Tools or Amazon.

If you would like 15% off enter code 3I9JHBH9 at checkout.

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