Influenster (A Great Freebie Site)

I remember as a kid being taught the benefits of saving every penny you can, whether we had extra money to spend or not, and believe me most of the time we didn't. I have always loved finding the great deals and it was even better if I could get something for free.

Recently I found this amazing site, Influenster, where you can get amazing freebies. The freebies are not always constant, but you can qualify for them by taking quick surveys that are all based off of the first initial sign up survey. To make sure you get these surveys you want to make sure your "Social Impact" is high. To do this you want to make sure you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media account you might have so they can add up all of your followers on each site and include this in your score. It is important, if your followers go up on any page you want to make sure to disconnect it from Influenster and then reconnect it due to it not updating correctly. 

After you do all of these things, which really isn't a lot, you can qualify for a VoxBox, which is your box of freebies. If you do qualify for these amazing boxes you will get an email from them letting you know that you are in with a hint to what is going to be in the box. You don't want to forget to share any voxbox you get on your social media sites using the special hashtags they want you to use and review the products you get on the Influenster site.

If you are like me and decide you want to join just send me an email at saying I want to join and I will send you an invite. If you sign up under me it will help me out a little bit and you can start getting free things.

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